How To Generate Web Design Leads Using Facebook Advertising

all right so in today’s video I’m gonna be answering album for this question so he’s asking me so how do you get web design leads all right so it’s simple man all you gotta do is identify who

your target audience is who your ideal customer is and place an amazing offer that they’re gonna want to have they’re gonna want to claim okay so this might be like a free website set up or or a free review website review or something like that and these people are more likely like let’s just say

your target audience is entrepreneurs people that have a business but they don’t have a website right now so you could create an ad that said like are you on a business owner without a website we’re giving away 10 free websites for our first 10 customers and then once they click you would send them to a landing page that said enter your name your email and your phone number and the we’re gonna give

you free websites or something like that and that’s actually a pretty crazy offer pretty cool offer that I just invented and me as an entrepreneur if I saw that ad and I didn’t have a website man I’m definitely click on it and I would give them a my information to get a free website and then you can just set up like a simple website basic website for everybody and then

you can observe them on a more premium website so that’s where you will make the money so for example you have to identify this person is male or female if your customer avatar between what which age range are they what fan pages do they like what interest do they have what goals do they have etc and then test several offers maybe three offers to start with to see which one responds the best like a free website set up you know free pdf something like that you have to really think about it obviously

the stronger the offer the better results a better performance of that is gonna be because people are gonna see how amazing these people see an amazing offer they’re gonna click on it and it’s gonna be more relevant click-through rates are gonna go up costs are gonna go down you’re just overall gonna have a better results but if you want to get web design leads that’s all you gotta do man find your target audience is create an amazing offer for them and just join them together and you may seem resolved so

for example giveaway giveaway of free website so you can do it you can even do a giveaway for example we giving away 5 free websites worth $1,000 simply click on this link to participate enter your name email phone number and that’s it so you give away 5 websites and for the rest you you call them on the phone you follow up via email and you tell them you’re gonna give them a 50% discount if they purchase your website over the next 3 days and let’s just say if your website cost a thousand dollars

you’re gonna give them to them at five hundred but it’s not only about the front end profits but also about building that customer list that prospect is that following that email list that you can later get to monetize on the back end so that’s how I would personally get web design leads I’ve never personally done it that’s just some tips that I person I want to give you and that’s what

I would do if I had to do it but the key in here is to have an amazing offer to the right audience so Alvin I hope this I should request a man if you have any more or anyone else watching this video simply type them in the comments below I’ll create a video answering it and I’ll see you on the next one alright so if you’ve got value out of this video and wanna learn more simply

click on the link below or go to Esteban Gomez net forward slash course where you’re gonna get access to my facebook advertising 101 course it’s gonna teach you all the fundamentals from A to C on how to launch your first successful campaign everything from how to do market research how to do audience research how to create an ad and how to launch first successful Facebook campaign so this is something you’re interested in simply click the link below this video or go to Esteban Gomez dotnet for it slash course and I’ll see you on the inside

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