How to Get Web Design Clients

so you want to help people develop their websites I got bad news for you nobody wants to buy your web design services stay tuned I’ll show you why hey it’s Al’s a Calhoun with covenant

consultant and yeah the truth is nobody wants to buy web design services and so here’s what I mean so let’s start with what you are thinking as the web design expert you understand how websites are put together you understand their value you understand all the depth of what’s involved in the art of web design so

you’re thinking about stuff like this you’re a web designer you can code it in a variety of different coding languages you can develop content for a website you can design graphics you can do things like on-page SEO you can check web browser compatibility you can improve website loading time and all the other things that go into your expertise but here’s the breakdown here’s the issue that’s not what

your client is thinking here’s what they’re thinking our website looks old and we want it to look new our website should explain our services better our website should rank higher in Google we want to be able to do X at our website we want to be able to add video on our website we want to be able to blog at our website we want to be able to connect I look like the social media etc etc and our websites to generate more leads can

you see that there is a difference between what they are thinking and what you are thinking nobody wants web design services what they want is their problem solved and so these are all things that your best client is currently thinking about that reflect their problem so what should you do right so what you what

you should do is you should focus on your best skills so yes it’s true you had this long menu of services a lot of things that you could do that you know how to do that are possible but are any of those your best so you’ve got to figure out which of these things is your best service what brings the best work out of

you what you’re most excited to talk about and excited to work on one then you got to focus on their worst pain so they may have they may say one of these things your best client may say one of these things they may say that they want one of these things but one of these things is their worst pain where if you were to fix it you’d be their best buddy right so which of these is they’re worse so you’ve got if you got to figure that out and then third is you’ve got to have an outreach plan so even though you’ve chosen you’ve got you’re clear on

your best service you know how it solves one of their particular problems then you’ve got to consistently be in this conversation all the time always asking people about what their what their worst pain is so you can offer up a solution that becomes a rhythm so once you’ve done one and two you can start with that now you’re going to need three and so if you need some help with the outreach plan

I’ve already laid one out actually you can download that for free as a link below this video where you can get it and you can begin to connect all of these dots communicate clearly communicate on a regular basis so you can attract that best client you’re really looking for it doesn’t stand alone it doesn’t promote itself it doesn’t attract clients in some magical way a real step-by-step content marketing with your big idea your transformational productize service that you bring to you because this is the improved model about how to follow up and close he’s my level

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