Speed Design in Sketch 3 – Web Design Reviews Website

okay and just I’ll hang out some wireframes here just getting a general idea of the layout and now I’m making the style tile which will have all the typography all the input forms what essentially

the elements of the website will look like I’m making the input forms and the submit button wait some placeholders defining all the textiles so I can use them easily later now I’m setting up the header this real quick and dirty now I’m kind of roughing out the margins and in their hero section and the top three benefits of getting a free website review some lorem ipsum actually hipster and hip some kind of adding more hip some

it’s hip some co2 get your free good hipster episode now I’m doing the footer try to look for a good stock image to use but I really couldn’t find anything that pertains to free website reviews so now I am just kind of adding some more stuff figuring out my colors red always works because it’s nice and strong and vibrant and it’s a good for call to actions which I have at the top and bought up at

the website looking for subtle patterns and all that going through random stuff having a Twitter SVG icon and check to sign up to my newsletter it’s now I’m cutting up the front end of the site which is what I do I do find development and sign so it’s doing some basic HTML now this is the easiest part of development just you’re literally just coding what you see and then coding it up the CSS

I actually use sass and in that compiles in code kit and gives me the final CSS file I love using sauce because it literally lightning fast it’s better at my workflow so much and then I love using colors as variables so the red will be a certain shade of red that I use and then I can change the certain shade of red and it’ll be changed throughout the website to school so yeah it’s coating it up adding up some placeholder videos that’s actually a video I did for a client last year and cutting up the

Twitter making responsive and done in here is a kind of real-time scroll through up the website it’s not live yet it’s still on cook it on my machine so yeah it’s responsive and I actually still need to code the drop down for when you click the hamburger icon besides everything works and all I need to do now is up fix the responsive menu and upload to the server and that’s it oh and center the footer links on a responsive screen on the mobile width and yeah besides that there’s not much more yeah the Twitter link goes I go to click to tweet calm and it sets up a link for you which is kind of cool thanks

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