Web Design & Development Final Project

as Marcos Isuzu and I’m a graduate from the fossil web design and development program and my final project was a mobile application for restaurants we first came up with

the idea when we were actually sitting in a restaurant and trying to get some service there had to be an easier way that we can have the chest more connect with the restaurant and be able to get whatever they want right on a device that’s familiar to them that’s how we came up with excuse

me what excuse me is it’s an iPhone application that allows you to do different things at a restaurant which is stuff like call for service view the menu view the deals of the day that sort of thing it’s basically a way to enhance the way people interact with the staff members of their favorite restaurants walk in download the app which is custom built for that specific restaurant they sign in

they register that table and then from there they can view the menu order their food do the deals and there’s even a tip calculator where you can see their bill total and see how much they owe number one unique feature is the call for service button that was one thing that we found that no other app out there had none of them had that special little button that allowed you to hey

I need assistance I need someone to come over to my table and help you and that’s what we focus excuse me at our final presentation we actually set up a table to simulate a dining experience we had two volunteers from the audience to come in and we kind of did this little deeper thing a play we had a look at waitress walking by kind of giving them the service they needed through

the app and we’ve got great feedback from it so I think it was successful working today the person that understand how much you want this happen and he also wants to happen it kind of brings everything together he’s a very skilled with the front-end and design aspect of things and for me I’m still that yo back in technology is databases frameworks that sort of thing his skills complement mine and mine skills complement his so it was just a perfect fit for us to work together by yourself you might be able to create a good project but if you’re working with somebody who’s on your level and create a fantastic rush you

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